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    Credit Assessment and Origination Services

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    Credit Assessment and Origination Services maximize our clients' returns on software investments. They enable faster, better informed credit decisions through holistic and consistent assessments of risk. Origination advisory helps integrate systems, data, and processes with existing infrastructures to create a unified credit decision platform.

    Our experienced team helps you develop the knowledge and deploy the technology critical to managing your credit business

    • Limits Modeling and Implementation. Allocate, manage, and monitor exposures and capital by establishing dynamic, risk-based limits to avoid taking excessive risk.
    • Collateral Management. Develop robust collateral management frameworks to minimize potential losses due to poor performing collateral or price deals.
    • Credit Quality Framework. Leverage probability of default (PD) and loss given default (LGD) models for counterparties and exposures.
    • Calibrate credit-rating methodologies and credit scorecards to more accurately reflect the level of risk in a deal.
    • Covenant Tracking. Include covenant information into a credit decision platform to flag any violation of the covenant limits.
    • Risk-Based Pricing. Incorporate objective assessments of risk into each credit decision by using capital or risk-weighted-asset (RWA) costs and designing risk-based pricing models.

    A Powerful Package of Benefits

    • Use our award-winning analytical tools to make sure you are pricing the actual risk of every lending decision.
    • Prevent over-concentration and risk appetite breaches with our risk-based limits tools and services.
    • Access our collateral management expertise to mitigate default risk and protect against losses.
    • Get early warning of potential breaches of covenants so you can take quick corrective action.
    • Get your team up and running fast with the support of our experienced trainers and comprehensive courses.

    Award-Winning Tools and Expertise

      Leverage the proven expertise of Moody's Analytics to improve the efficiency and profitability of your commercial lending portfolio. Our award-winning analytic tools and support services will give you an edge in today's competitive lending landscape.

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