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    Steven G. Cochrane

    Leading APAC economist oversees regional economic analysis and forecasting; presents company’s economic research and outlook, and leads consulting projects to help clients assess effects of these developments on their business.

    Steven G. Cochrane, chief APAC economist for Moody’s Analytics, leads the firm’s Asia economic analysis, forecasting and research. Based in Singapore, Steve leads a team of economists involved in research and consulting projects focused on near-term economic risks to Asia-Pacific economies, including: the potential impact of tariffs; exposure to international capital flows and interest rate shifts; and rising debt loads of households, corporations, and governments. View Video Profile

    University of Pennsylvania: PhD, Regional Science
    University of Colorado: Master’s Degree
    University of California - Davis: Bachelors Degree
    Honors & Awards
    • Penn Institute Urban Research Scholar
    Moody's Analytics | Economic Research

    Economic Research: Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive economic analysis to help clients understand key economic drivers across all geographic levels.

    Moody's Analytics | Economic Forecasts

    Economic Forecasts: Moody's Analytics provides trusted macro and regional forecasts to help clients assess potential economic outcomes.

    Moody's Analytics | Economic Scenarios

    Economic Scenarios: Moody's Analytics provides internally and globally consistent economic, regulatory, and custom scenarios.


    Economic Forecasts: Forecasts potential economic outcomes on the performance of businesses and investments.

    Economic Risk Assessment: Quantitative economic assessment to help you understand the impact of forward-looking changes on the performance of your business and portfolios.

    Econometric Modeling: Fully transparent econometric and statistical models to assess performance of geographies, financials and various asset classes.

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    Wilmington, DE

    MA Economic Outlook Conference

    Fissures & Fault Lines

    Fissures & Fault Lines

    Published Work

    More Questions Than Answers on Trade Agreement

    The impending Phase One trade agreement between the U.S. and China has delivered more questions than answers. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative posted a two-page fact sheet on December 13 detailing the pending agreement in general terms but provided few details.

    January 2020

    Foreign Direct Investments in Asia: Trends and Prospects

    Asia as a region has attracted the largest share of global FDI flows since 2017 and despite the ongoing U.S.-China trade war, the region is well positioned to continue being the top destination for foreign investments in the years ahead.

    December 2019

    Weekly Market Outlook: Worsened Fundamentals Lift Downgrades Well Above Upgrades

    Financial markets have been buffeted by changing views regarding the trade dispute between China and the United States. Nevertheless, the direction taken by earnings-sensitive securities will ultimately be determined by the outlook for profits.

    October 2019

    Vietnam Economic Outlook: Tiptoeing Toward the Winner's Circle

    Despite risks to the downside, the country will remain one of the world's fastest-growing economies.

    September 2019

    The Next Recession - APAC Edition

    Recession risks are uncomfortably high and rising, as President Trump continues to pursue his trade war with China.

    September 2019

    The Next Recession

    Recession risks are uncomfortably high and rising, as President Trump continues to pursue his trade war with China.

    September 2019