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    What is the NewsEdge solution from Moody’s Analytics?

      The NewsEdge solution* is an integrated news management and delivery solution for business professionals. We deliver content from over 18,000 licensed and web sources, extensively tagged for detailed searching. Plus, we provide tools so you can share relevant news with your users – whether that’s via a highly-tailored newsletter for your executives, an automatically-generated RSS feed for your research team, or even by sharing stories on Twitter.

      *The NewsEdge solution was an Acquire Media offering before being acquired and becoming part of Moody’s Analytics.

    Key benefits

      When your company needs to stay on top of the news, the NewsEdge solution provides timely, business- relevant content and powerful tools to produce high-impact results. Whether you’re researching industry trends or conducting brand research, you need a solution that gives you just the news you need, in a way you can share with others.

    What sets the NewsEdge solution apart?

      • User- friendly: Search tools for both novice and advanced users simplify query building. One-click access to data visualization to analyze your search results.
      • Easy distribution: Tools for designing newsletters and for subscription management. Additional distribution options via alerts, RSS feeds and sharing to social media.
      • Usage reports: Reports on logins, leads, session frequency, session length, reads by source (email, newsletter, RSS, etc.) and who is adding RSS feeds and to which sites.

    Key facts and figures

      • 18,000 licensed and web sources, extensively tagged and enriched for detailed search
      • 650,000 organization codes
      • 1,250 industry codes
      • 2,200 subject codes
      • 68,000 location codes
      • 9,800 breaking news and key trade publications, along with approximately 7,200 web sites, blogs and social media feeds. Integration of your own content as well.


      Whether you need to publish a branded newsletter for your C-suite, add targeted news to a company portal for your HR team, or set up a series of alerts for your sales team, the NewsEdge solution makes it easy to manage it all.

      • Newsletters: Build templates from top-to-bottom using a clear, sectioned form with all the tools you need to create and customize your newsletter. Distribute your newsletter via email or publish directly to a web server – delivering it automatically on a schedule or manually. Plus, allow your newsletter readers to manage their own subscriptions.
      • Webpage: We offer services to help you create a unique, branded webpage that offers your news.
      • RSS: Our one-click RSS generation empowers you to set up on-demand feeds. Enable RSS from a saved search to deliver timely results as they hit your profile or use a story folder to curate news for your audience.
      • Web Integrated News Widgets: Get news posted directly to your web site. With multiple customization options, widgets are a smart way to integrate news seamlessly without tying up valuable resources.
      • OPENS API: The OPENS API developer toolkit lets you create a custom application or to integrate news search and filtering into your own applications. We offer APIs for search, email alerts, RSS-feed building, and newsletter publishing.

        It incorporates a range of offerings, including:

        • NewsEdge™ Alert
        • NewsEdge™ Signal
        • Syndication from NewsEdge™
        • NewsEdge™ Feed

        General Information and Client Service
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