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    Portfolio Risk Analytics allows wealth managers, advisers and retail product providers to create forward-looking risk analyses for multi-asset investment portfolios. Developed to support a wide range of business applications, Portfolio Risk Analytics is a flexible cloud-based financial projection solution hosted by Microsoft Azure, and powered by Moody’s Analytics award winning economic scenario modeling.

    Leverage award-winning modeling to create powerful analytics

    • Build customized investment solutions reflecting savings scenarios and cash flows for retail investors, including wealth accumulation, retirement saving, and retirement income withdrawal.
    • Access the latest economic scenario data and content on a quarterly cycle, via your Portfolio Risk Analytics account.
    • Configure asset allocations for fixed, life-styled or target date investment funds to test alternative fund strategies, tactical asset allocations, or the effect of switching asset classes.
    • Select from a wide range of quantitative risk metrics to calculate and communicate risk in terms that are meaningful to clients and reflect investment objectives.
    • Browse prepared content and analyses through your web browser, download tailored PDF reports, or create new projects to carry out bespoke analyses.
    • Access a secure cloud-based service hosted by Moody’s Analytics on Microsoft Azure, with no IT footprint or requirement to install software.

    Supports multiple business applications

    • Design and implement a robust risk management framework to support the governance of retail investment propositions based on appropriate measures of risk and performance.
    • Risk grade third-party funds, portfolios, or existing investment solutions using objectively and quantitatively defined risk categories.
    • Design new investment solutions for savings, retirement accumulation, or retirement drawdown. Test alternative asset allocations, stress investment objectives cash flows, and benchmark against competitor products.
    • Demonstrate and communicate the suitability of investment solutions for defined contribution schemes taking into account demographics, contribution rates, and more.
    • Perform bespoke project work evaluating defined benefit to defined contribution transfers, and the impact of changing default funds.

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