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    Moody’s Analytics Investment Governance Service helps product providers and distributors meet compliance requirements for assessing suitability by aligning investment solutions with clearly defined risk targets.

    Leverage a risk framework to support product design, governance, and communication

    • Access a product risk dashboard that allows distributors and advisers to implement a robust, risk-based, advice process.
    • Helps align chosen products and investment strategies with well-defined investment goals and customer risk profiles.
    • Communicate product risk to advisers and clients for product design and marketing purposes and align products or portfolios with specified customer objectives and risk profiles.
    • Help clients with investment governance by enabling proactive monitoring of risk across a range of investment products.
    • Ensure that products continue to fit the risk profiles and objectives for which they were designed.

    Enable advisers and distributors to align investment products with client needs

    • Align third-party funds, portfolios, or existing investment solutions with objectively defined risk categories.
    • Design risk-graded, strategic asset allocation benchmarks and model portfolios in line with defined risk profiles.
    • Demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of different product design options.
    • Receive fully documented quarterly updates, reflecting changes in market conditions and providing early warning of movement in the risk profile of a product or investment solution.
    • Build optimized risk-graded investment solutions, according to defined investment objectives and risk targets.

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