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Moody’s Analytics Wealth Scenario Generator is a modeling engine that provides support for your financial planning and investment decision making. It provides the modeling framework required to illustrate the likely range of financial outcomes for any investment strategy and cash-flow profile. This allows for the comparison of risk and return of different options.

Compare Financial Planning Options and Alternative Investment Strategies

  • Helps assess investment suitability, illustrate potential loss, and align investment solutions with a client’s risk profile and financial objectives.
  • Efficiently monitor a portfolio against client needs, using automated tracker alerts to enable a value-added advice services.
  • Access an objective basis to validate portfolio rebalancing and consolidation decisions.
  • Embed an "attitude to risk" questionnaire to evaluate accumulation or decumulation strategies.
  • Integrate a web-based calculation engine into robo-advice planning software.

Configure Modeling Functionality for the Adviser or Product Manufacturer

  • Model a wide range of sophisticated product features, including asset allocation glide-paths, constant-proportion portfolio insurance, guarantees, and investment-linked and variable annuities.
  • Model a range of assets, including real estate, alternatives, hedge, commodities, infrastructure, and emerging market debt, consistently across multiple markets.
  • Update economic assumptions quarterly, consistent with current market prices and conditions.
  • Receive comprehensive documentation of all models and quarterly economic assumptions.
  • Gain a multi-currency, multi-economy model that supports advice and planning solutions in any market or currency.
  • Receive support from Moody’s Analytics global financial economic research group.

Product Brochure

Moody's Analytics | Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation

Moody's Analytics asset allocation solution helps establish, test, and run different asset allocations and identify risk-return efficient portfolios.

Moody's Analytics | Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Moody's Analytics financial planning solution helps retail investors and advisers identify and communicate risk to make appropriate planning decisions.

Moody's Analytics | Investment Product Design

Investment Product Design

Moody's Analytics investment product design solution delivers a suitability framework to develop investment propositions aligned with stringent regulations.

Moody's Analytics | Multiasset Portfolio Managemetn

Multi-Asset Portfolio Management

Moody's Analytics economic scenario and asset-liability modeling offerings support investment design and risk management activities.