Cris deRitis, PhD CBE® is the Deputy Chief Economist at Moody’s Analytics, specializing in the impact of the economy on housing, credit, public policy and other areas.

Before joining Moody’s Analytics, Cris worked for Fannie Mae and taught at Johns Hopkins University. He holds a PhD in economics from Johns Hopkins University and is a Certified Business Economist. In addition to his published research, Cris is named on two U.S. patents for credit modeling techniques and speaks regularly and Moody’s Analytics and industry events.

Published Work

Defining Economic Scenarios With Constant Severities

Alternative economic scenarios are invaluable for quantifying and managing forecast risk. In this article, we define these constant severity scenarios and the models used to estimate their probabilities.

June 2019

Trade War Update - Will Trump Push Too Far?

President Trump has escalated the trade war with China, and nearly everyone has been wrong-footed by the move.

May 2019

CECL 20/20: A Clear View of the New Credit Loss Requirements

Starting in 2020, the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) accounting standard will require financial institutions to reserve for estimated lifetime losses on loans and leases as soon as they are originated. This presentation will provide analytical insight and practical recommendations to help lenders strategize and effectively prepare for the new rule.

May 2019

Moody's Analytics Webinar: Briefing on the CCAR Scenarios

The Federal Reserve have released its scenarios for the 2019 CCAR stress test. Listen as Mark Zandi and Cristian deRitis discuss the narratives behind the Fed's scenarios under forecasts of detailed economic variables.

February 2019

Gauging CECL Cyclicality

In this paper, we provide empirical support for the conclusion that the CECL standard will be less procyclical than the incurred loss standard.

December 2018

Mean Reversion in CECL: The What and the How

Mean reversion is an important facet of the upcoming Current Expected Credit Loss accounting standard. Under CECL, lenders will need to estimate, and set aside an allowance for, the expected lifetime loss for each loan they book at the time of origination.

September 2018