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    U.S. Macro & Regional Economic Outlook

    While the new year has gotten off to a difficult start, it should end well.

    The pandemic will be fading by mid-year and unprecedented monetary accommodation and fiscal support augur well. Yet, there are considerable threats to this optimism and substantial longer-term fallout from the pandemic. In this webinar, we will weigh these cross-currents. Join Mark Zandi and the Moody’s Analytics team for this timely analysis.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: No Repeal for Law of Demand

    But the law of demand is delaying the supply-side response to higher prices.

    October 2021 Pdf Ryan SweetMark Zandi, Michael Ferlez

    Weekly Market Outlook: Fundamentals Side With Fed on Inflation

    Angst about the near-term outlook for U.S. inflation is beginning to show as some regional Fed presidents who on net lean hawkish have voiced their concerns.

    October 2021 Pdf Ryan SweetKatrina Ell, Adam Kamins, Steven Shields

    Weekly Market Outlook: Kicking the Can Not Too Far Down the Road

    U.S. Senate leaders have an agreement on a deal that extends the U.S. debt ceiling through early December.

    October 2021 Pdf Ryan SweetKatrina Ell, Michael Ferlez, Adam Kamins

    The Macroeconomic Benefits of Racial Integration

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation's longstanding racial inequities have been laid bare. The health and finances of families of color have been disproportionately hurt and racially charged civil strife has wracked much of the nation.

    October 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi

    Weekly Market Outlook: Taper, Shutdown and Debt Ceiling, Oh My

    The Federal Open Market Committee this week sent its long-promised advance notice on tapering its $120 billion in monthly asset purchases.

    September 2021 Pdf Ryan SweetKatrina Ell, Adam Kamins, Michael Ferlez

    Playing a Dangerous Game With the Debt Limit

    There are the massive legislative efforts to increase spending on infrastructure and fiscal support for a range of social programs and climate change

    September 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi, Bernard Yaros

    Macroeconomic Impact of Home and Community-Based Services Expansion

    The rapid aging of the U.S. population is putting a serious strain on the people, institutions and businesses that provide much-needed assistance to the elderly and disabled.

    September 2021 Pdf Bernard Yaros, Mark Zandi

    Weekly Market Outlook: Earnings Keep Chins Up

    Despite gloomy pandemic news, there are some reasons for continued U.S. corporate earnings optimism.

    September 2021 Pdf Ryan SweetKatrina Ell, Adam Kamins, Steven Shields

    Weekly Market Outlook: Democrats at Fork in the Road, May Not Take It

    There were media reports that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently warned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that lawmakers have until some point in October to raise the debt ceiling before the Treasury exhausts its accounting gimmicks.

    September 2021 Pdf Ryan Sweet, Steven Shields, Katrina Ell, Adam Kamins

    The Race to Save Millions From Eviction

    On August 26, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the national eviction moratorium imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, setting off a race to get millions of struggling renters the relief they need before being thrown from their homes.

    September 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi
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