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    Moody's Analytics U.S. Consumer Credit Outlook

    Join Moody’s Analytics Scott Hoyt and David Fieldhouse as they discuss the current and anticipated trends in household credit conditions based on data from Equifax.

    Key topics include:

    • Atypical consumer spending patterns
    • Excessive saving
    • 2021 Consumer Credit Market Outlook

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    Weekly Market Outlook: The Fed Presses On

    March's Federal Open Market Committee meeting was as highly anticipated as any in recent memory.

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    Credit Cards Enter Choppy Waters

    Balances and delinquencies will rise quickly for all borrowers.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Dissecting the Consumer Price Index

    U.S. inflation is moderating, but the consumer price index underscores that the disinflationary process will be a bumpy ride.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Banks Tighten Spigot, Consumer Credit Slows

    The stock of U.S. consumer credit rose in December but marked the smallest monthly gain since January 2021,surprising to the downside relative to our and consensus expectations.

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    Increased Uncertainty for Auto Leases

    Increased Uncertainty for Auto Leases

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    Weekly Market Outlook: The 2023 Kickoff

    Moody's Analytics baseline outlook calls for a recession-free 2023 in the U.S., though the pace of growth will slow demonstrably.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: The Fed Sticks to Script

    After starting 2022 at zero, the Federal Reserve's most aggressive tightening cycle since the early 1980s has lifted the target range for the fed funds rate to end the year at 4.25% to 4.5%.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: A Bit Brighter

    A slew of datapoints in the U.S. pushed our high-frequency GDP estimate for the fourth quarter to 2.6% annualized.

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    Holiday Prep: Can Home Furnishers Outshine Increasing Credit Risk?

    Using forward-looking credit risk signals and actionable insights from the Early Warning System in the EDF-X solution, we capture the earliest signs of credit deterioration for Bed Bath & Beyond beginning in October 2018.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Hurricane Ian: Counting the Costs

    Hurricane Ian, the second major hurricane of the 2022 season and the first of the year to hit the continental U.S., made landfall Wednesday.

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