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    Moody's Analytics Webinar: Introducing RiskCalc Portfolio Analytics

    May 2019

    Power Your Portfolio Management Practice with Benchmark Data and Advanced Insights.

    Moody’s Analytics is pleased to announce our new RiskCalc™ Portfolio Analytics, currently complimentary with your RiskCalc subscription

    Our global RiskCalc user community asked for this capability and we are excited to deliver! Portfolio Analytics connects your counterparty information with Moody’s Analytics proprietary Data Alliance Credit Research Database (CRD™), for real-time monitoring and benchmarking. Easy-to-use dashboards provide credit risk management professionals with powerful tools to overcome data challenges, greater focus on industry trends and comparisons to unique benchmark groups.

    Listen to our webinar to learn how you can best utilize the new RiskCalc Portfolio Analytics features. The webinar includes:

    • RiskCalc Portfolio Analytics Overview & Access Information
    • Application Use Cases & Live Demo
    • Best practices to identify and manage the early warning signals of credit risk

    Irina Baron, Director, Customer Success Management, Moody's Analytics
    Lenka Huang, Assistant Director, Associate Product Manager, Moody's Analytics
    Gustavo Jimenez, Assistant Director, Associate Product Manager, Moody's Analytics

    Click here for the presentation

    Questions? Email: MA-Webinars@moodys.com

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    The traditional loss-minimizing approach to managing corporate trade credit can keep write-offs low but may be overly conservative.

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    The Economics of Wholesale Credit

    Traditionally, corporate trade credit limits have been set based on customer size, an internal or external credit score, and a qualitative sense of risk appetite. These limits have been effective in minimizing write-offs, principally because they are conservative.

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    Company AA Displayed Increasing Default Risk Starting Late-2015

    Company AA, a U.S.-based transportation company, defaulted in August, 2018. The Moody’s Analytics EDF™ (Expected Default Frequency) metric and Early Warning Toolkit highlighted the company’s rising default risk 33 months before default. This case study details how the EDF measure and Early Warning Toolkit can assess risk.

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    Beyond Compliance: Extending the Value of Risk and Finance Insights Strategically

    As firms move ahead in meeting a variety of regulations, executives are looking for solutions that not just meet these requirements, but improve business processes.

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    Moody's Analytics Webinar: The Changing Landscape for Model Risk Management

    Regulatory compliance has significantly altered the model development and validation landscape, while increasing the amount of data to be validated.

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    Identifying At-Risk Names in Your Private Firm Portfolio — RiskCalc Early Warning Toolkit

    This report outlines a practical approach for using RiskCalc EDF credit measures to effectively monitor large portfolios of private firms and to proactively identify at-risk names. The RiskCalc Early Warning Toolkit Excel add-in is an easy to use, yet comprehensive tool that allows users to focus costly and scarce resources on a highly targeted selection of the most at-risk names in their portfolios. This research for private firms compliments previous research on Early Warning Toolkit for public firms. The Early Warning Toolkit identifies at-risk names within a private firm portfolio well before default, using a number of different EDF-related risk metrics.

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    Identifying At-Risk Firms in Your Private Firm Portfolio

    Identifying At-Risk Firms in Your Private Firm Portfolio

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    Identifying At-Risk Firms in Your Private Firm Portfolio

    Identify the risks in your private firm portfolio using Moody’s Analytics RiskCalc™ Early Warning Toolkit methodology.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Broad Measures of Sales and Profits Are Mediocre

    First-quarter 2017 revealed solid operating results for the S&P 500. Nevertheless, other broad measures of business-sector operations have been flat to lower.

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