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    History of Lewtan Technologies

    Lewtan, now part of Moody's Analytics, provided solutions to issuers, investors, underwriters, and others to administer, monitor, and value securitized transactions.

    Lewtan Technologies - Part of Moody’s Analytics

    Lewtan Technologies was acquired by Moody's Analytics in October 2014 and complemented Moody’s Analytics extensive data and analytics solutions for securitized assets.

    Lewtan offerings included a wide range of content and technology-based solutions for members of the global asset-securitization industry. Lewtan’s products supported risk assessment and valuation to facilitate greater transparency, better decision-making, and greater access to capital in the global structured finance market.

    Lewtan’s solutions, including custom and off-the-shelf software and web-based platforms, such as ABSNet and ABS System, supported companies’ structured finance market requirements. Expertise in securitization transactions and software development figured importantly in the business's success. 

    The acquisition expanded Moody's Analytics global reach and broadened product offerings, positioning Moody’s Analytics to deliver a more comprehensive solution to customers.