Barrie & Hibbert was acquired by Moody's Analytics in 2011. The acquisition broadened Moody’s Analytics suite of software offerings for the insurance and pension sectors.

Barrie & Hibbert - Part of Moody’s Analytics

Adding Barrie & Hibbert's skills, tools, and experience to Moody's Analytics expanded our ability to help insurers meet worldwide solvency modernization initiatives, including Solvency II and other regulatory challenges. The acquisition also reinforced our commitment to assisting financial institutions as they addressed a growing array of risk management needs. 

Timeline of Growth

In 1995, Andrew Barrie and John Hibbert started as consultants to help companies manage market risk. Over the next eight years, Barrie & Hibbert undertook a wide range of client engagements and research supporting the development of a diverse array of models: 

1995First client engagements informing model development and research
1996Regime-switching equity model
1997Full-yield-curve model for actuarial use
1998FTSE option-implied distributions
1999Stochastic volatility model, full HJM model
2000Corporate bond model
2001Stochastic mortality model
2002Equity mean-reversion model
2003Stochastic model for credit spreads

In 2003, Barrie & Hibbert launched its first standalone economic scenario generator (ESG). With more than 150 customers around the world, the ESG became widely recognized as an industry standard for valuing and projecting assets and liabilities and assessing risk and capital positions. 

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Barrie & Hibbert expanded into North America in 2007 with a New York office and into Asia in 2009 with a Hong Kong office. 

Commitment to Innovation

Barrie & Hibbert expanded beyond life insurance, applying its expertise to asset management, retail distribution, pensions, and property and casualty (P&C) insurance. Barrie & Hibbert’s models were integrated into enterprise risk management platforms, consumer advice tools, and valuation processes around the world.   

Barrie & Hibbert's offerings and understanding of the risks in long-term asset and liability management helped enhance Moody's Analytics data management, capital calculation, and regulatory reporting platform to further meet the needs of institutions for risk management and regulatory compliance activities.