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    History of Fermat International

    Fermat International, a leading provider of integrated risk and performance management software, complemented the Moody's Analytics core offerings.

    Fermat International - Part of Moody’s Analytics 

    In 2008, Moody’s Analytics acquired Fermat International, a leading provider of integrated risk and performance management software. Fermat, with its extensive risk management solutions, further positioned Moody’s Analytics as a global leader in risk and performance management software for commercial banks and other financial institutions. 

    By leveraging a proprietary and robust data management platform, Fermat helped banks meet regulatory capital requirements and provided risk management and performance monitoring capabilities. With installations at more than 100 banks around the world, Fermat significantly extended the functional and geographic scope of the Moody's Analytics suite of banking software. Founded in 1996, Brussels-based Fermat International served customers in 30 countries with significant operational and development hubs in France and Singapore. 

    Leading-Edge Technology

    Moody’s Analytics software packages have been designed to meet critical requirements of financial institutions and run within common architectures. Financial institutions have benefited from such global, truly coherent, and comprehensive solutions. The Fermat software suite was built on a three-tier architecture, and it seamlessly supported single installations at local banks. These installations enabled work-share environments, benefiting from the same operational data and parameterization sets. 

    Fermat’s highly regarded regulatory and risk management products enabled Moody’s Analytics to offer comprehensive, end-to-end, enhanced risk management solutions to a wide range of financial institutions, ranging from local organizations to large, multinational institutions.