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    Copal Amba, a leading provider of offshore research and analytics services to the global financial and corporate sectors, was fully acquired by Moody's Corporation in 2014. It is now known as Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services.

    Copal Amba - Part of  Moody’s Analytics

    Moody’s Corporation acquired a majority stake in Copal Partners in 2011. Copal Partners acquired the entire share capital of Amba Research in 2013 to create Copal Amba – a leader in off-shored research and analytics. Copal Amba's custom services, including information, analyses, and insights, complemented Moody’s Analytics focus on packaged and off-the-shelf research, technology, and tools.

    Timeline of Growth

    Founded in 2002 to support the corporate finance departments of leading investment banks, Copal Partners became a pioneer in outsourced financial research.

    Copal Partners opened its first overseas office in Delhi, India. 

    The company expanded its capabilities to include a consulting division focused on investment banks’ strategy and corporate development teams. 

    Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (formerly Merrill Lynch), and Citigroup became minority shareholders in the company. 

    Copal Partners acquired Exëvo, a market research company, to enhance its primary research capabilities. The company then entered into joint venture with EthosData to provide secure and confidential file sharing through a cloud-based platform. 

    Copal Partners opened a Beijing research center to enhance its Asia-Pacific presence.  

    Copal Partners launched an analytics division to provide advanced data analyses and insights through its marketing, procurement, and risk divisions. 

    Moody’s Corporation acquired a majority stake in Copal Partners. 

    Copal Partners acquired Amba Research and formed Copal Amba. 

    Moody’s Corporation completed its acquisition of the remaining minority stake in Copal Amba. 

    Copal Amba is integrated with Moody's Analytics and rebranded as Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services.

    A Market Leader across Multiple Segments

    Copal Amba with its expertise in information, analyses, and insights, secured leadership positions in key user segments, including investment banking, brokerage, asset management, private banking, corporates and consulting, and commercial banking. Copal Amba’s Services also supported clients’ regulatory compliance, risk management, lending, and relationship management functions.  

    Expertise Plus Process for Visible Business Outcomes

    Copal Amba's success was built on a combination of deep domain expertise and superior process. A diverse and accomplished global talent pool, combined with processes that reflected years of experience across multiple engagements, enabled efficiency and accuracy in customer requirements development and solution design. Processes were standardized, and procedures, templates, and models were flexible, ensuring fast turnaround, high productivity, and excellent quality. Business outcomes for clients were readily visible and measurable. By partnering with Copal Amba, investment banks gained market share; brokerages improved coverage efficiency; asset managers better competed for funds and generated more investment ideas; banks better managed lending risks; and corporations researched markets faster and procured more cost effectively.

    Copal Amba now operates as Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services, bringing its expertise and insight to the Moody's Analytics family. To learn more, visit maknowledgeservices.com.