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    Brexit - Economic & Financial Aftermath

    June 2016

    The U.K. stunned the world by voting to leave the EU. After months of bruising campaigning, British voters have chosen to reshape their country’s place in the world. Listen to Dr. Mark Zandi, Chief Economist of Moody’s Analytics, as he discusses the economic & financial aftermath of the #Brexit.

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    Weekly Market Outlook: The Dot Plot Thickens

    The Federal Reserve on Wednesday didn't alter its description of U.S. inflation. Policymakers still view the acceleration as transitory, but there was a big shift in the so-called “dot plot” that tracks interest-rate projections by the members of the central bank's Federal Open Market Committee.

    June 2021 Pdf Ryan SweetMark ZandiKatrina Ell, Michael Ferlez

    The only way to resolve the nation's affordable housing crisis

    It is a relief to see policymakers finally focus in earnest on the nation's crumbling infrastructure. But it is unnerving to see so little attention given to what may be the most critical infrastructure need of all: the nation's dire shortage of affordable housing.

    June 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi

    Weekly Market Outlook: Talking About Tapering Talk

    Financial markets are interpreting the minutes from the April Federal Open Market Committee meeting as being hawkish, as Treasury yields jumped following the release of the minutes.

    May 2021 Pdf Ryan SweetMark Zandi, Steven Shields, Katrina Ell

    Biden's Build Back Better plan will improve nearly every community in America

    There is a lot to like in the President's Build Back Better plan.

    May 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi

    U.S. Macro & Regional Economic Outlook

    The U.S. economy is booming and near-term prospects have rarely been as strong.

    May 2021 WebPage Mark Zandi, Adam Kamins

    The Macroeconomic Consequences of the American Families Plan and the Build Back Better Agenda

    We assess the macroeconomic consequences of the AFP in this white paper, and find that while its near-term impacts are small, it provides meaningful longer-term economic benefits by increasing labor force participation and the educational attainment of the population.

    May 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi

    Weekly Market Outlook: Hot Start for High-Yield

    High-yield corporate bond issuance had a strong start to the year, due to growing expectations for the U.S. economy to take off coupled with tight credit spreads and less perceived credit risk.

    April 2021 Pdf Ryan SweetYukyung ChoiKatrina Ell, Steven Shields, Mark Zandi

    An Assessment of the American Housing and Economic Mobility Act of 2021

    Low-income and minority households are struggling to make their rent and mortgage payments, suffering through increasingly long commutes, and unable to take better jobs because they cannot afford housing near the available work. The American Housing and Economic Mobility Act would help to address these problems.

    April 22, 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi

    The Macroeconomic Consequences of the American Jobs Plan

    There are many potential political impediments to passage of the American Jobs Plan, but we expect that an infrastructure plan similar in spirit and size to what the president has proposed will become law later this year.

    April 22, 2021 Pdf Mark Zandi

    Weekly Market Outlook: Record-High Systemic Leverage Limits Upside for Benchmark Interest Rates

    The secular decline by Treasury bond yields since 1982 has been accompanied by a secular climb in the ratio of private and public nonfinancial-sector debt to GDP.

    April 2021 Pdf John Lonski, Yukyung Choi, Michael Ferlez, Katrina EllMark Zandi
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