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    Certificate in Small Business Banking (CSBB)

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    The Certificate in Small Business Banking (CSBB) leverages Moody's expertise in credit and risk to certify achievement of the highest standards in small business client servicing and loan decisions.

    What will I gain with the CSBB?

    • Demonstrate that you have achieved a global standard in small business loans and banking.
    • Learn how to uncover the needs, goals, and objectives of a small business.
    • Attain the skills needed to analyze the financial status of a small business, develop an appropriate solution, and mitigate risk to minimize negative outcomes.
    • Master a high level of client service to develop client loyalty and trust.
    • Build your personal brand by adhering to professional standards that establish trust and attract small business clients.
    • Open doors to career opportunities.

    How do I qualify for the CSBB?

    • The CSBB requires the completion of three eLearning courses: Small Business Lending, Optimizing Relationships with Small Business Clients, and Delivering Small Business Solutions, followed by an in-person exam.
    • The program can be completed in 65 to 75 hours.
    • Concentrate your learning on the areas where you have knowledge gaps, through our pre-course diagnostics.
    • Optimize your learning time through our engaging, industry-leading online programs with interactive, multi-media lessons, which feature videos and quizzes.
    • Build your confidence by practicing complex concepts, applying new skills, and demonstrating mastery with a robust simulation based on a real lending scenario.
    • Prepare for the certification exam with course reviews and practice.
    • Program sponsors can monitor participation, assess performance, and access critical detail to support ROI measurement.

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