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    Delivering Small Business Solutions

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    Delivering Small Business Solutions (DSBS) addresses relevant lender processes from the proposal stage through the application review. This 15-20 hour eLearning course provides guidance on data collection and verification to evaluate the client’s repayment ability. It is on the learning pathway for the Certificate in Small Business Banking.

    Expand your professional skillset by learning how to:

    • Collect and validate client documents and information.
    • Construct credit recommendations featuring comprehensive risk analysis.
    • Present various types of small business loan structures and the factors that affect loan pricing.
    • Develop proposals meeting established credit-granting guidelines.
    • Undertake due diligence measures during and after the application process.
    • Detect red flags that may impinge on a client's ability to repay a loan.

    With Moody's Analytics eLearning:

    • You gain an in-depth understanding of credit theory and sector-specific factors from our relevant and current content.
    • You optimize your learning time through our engaging, industry-leading online programs with interactive lessons and quizzes.
    • You reinforce your learning when you are back on the job with Moody’s reference materials and toolkit.
    • Program sponsors can monitor participation, assess performance, and access critical details to support measuring ROI.

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