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    Europe's Economic Outlook: The Upward Climb

    September 2020

    The COVID-19 crisis has taken a severe toll on Europe, leading its economy into its worst-recession on record in the second quarter.

    The ongoing pandemic, Brexit, and trade tensions with the U.S. will remain worries. However, European governments have managed the health crisis well and have aggressively used fiscal policy to support their economies. Join Moody's Analytics team as they consider the impact of all these cross-currents on our economic outlook for the European and global economies.

    Key topics to be outlined during the webinar:

    - Global economic outlook
    - What is the situation like in the Eurozone and European Union?
    - How will this affect UK and Brexit scenarios?
    - What are the forecast and the risks for Europe?

    Dr. Mark Zandi
    , Chief Economist
    Dr. Petr Zemcik, Senior Director
    Anna Zabrodzka, Assistant Director


     Click here for the presentation.

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