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    Moody’s Analytics Launches Integrated Risk Analytics Platform in China

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    Shenzhen, May 24, 2022 – Moody’s Analytics announced today that it has launched Risk Compass, a risk analytics platform to help participants in the China market identify opportunities and manage risk.

    China is the world’s second-largest bond market, topping US$19 trillion as of March 2022. Investors, traders, risk managers, researchers, and other market participants need to differentiate credit, understand the risk of their counterparties, and effectively and efficiently manage their investments.

    “In this time of uncertainty, market participants need alternative perspectives and enhanced data points to make decisions confidently,” said Charlene Bian, Managing Director of the China Strategy Group at Moody’s Analytics. “Institutions can seamlessly navigate this challenging economic climate with Risk Compass and its comprehensive data coverage and rich analytics.”

    Risk Compass provides a holistic way to understand credit, counterparty, and the value of institutions’ assets using credit assessment models, and analyses of market sentiment, financial statements, sectors using a risk-based valuation framework. It covers most public entities across China’s onshore and offshore bond/credit markets, including over 22,500 companies listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen, bond issuers, local government financing vehicles (LGFVs), entities across the National Equities and Exchange Quotation (NEEQ) system and companies listed on the Hong Kong Exchange.

    Risk Compass offers Moody’s Analytics’ risk-based valuation covering nearly all active credit bonds and historical transactions, dating back 30 years. Empowered by AI machine learning, Risk Compass analyzes over 10,000 entities with Chinese language credit sentiment derived from millions of news articles. The data and analytical framework may also help institutions manage private entities using risk data on over 400 million entities globally from the award-winning Orbis database.

    Users of Risk Compass can differentiate credit, price bonds, understand counterparty risk, and analyze early warning signals. Users can monitor risk, as well as identify opportunities, by combining their own data and experience with Moody’s Analytics data and robust analytics in making decisions with confidence.

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