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    Beyond Compliance: Extending the Value of Risk Insights

    The risk function has emerged as an important strategic decision-making partner for critical functions such as business development, finance, operations, and technology.

    Regulation requires specific and in some cases, separate risk taking and oversight. In the last several years, the convergence of risk and finance, coupled with new technology has surfaced a new business paradigm in strategic decisions. Most importantly, the role of risk has evolved into a more prominent factor in ongoing decisions around strengthening governance, compliance, and risk awareness.

    View this webinar to learn how you can achieve compliance and stay ahead of the growing technological and regulatory environment. From changes to recent accounting standards to requirements from regulators, know what is next and the impacts to be aware of.

    Webinar Highlights

    • Thinking strategically beyond compliance
    • Interplay between risk and finance
    • Embracing technological change

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