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    Agency Solutions

    Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive coverage via our Agency deal library and data feed, and supports extensive use cases via our APIs.

    Moody's Analytics Agency deal library gives users access to over 31,000 CMOs and over a million MBS deals.  By integrating our models and data into our sophisticated API, this gives users the ability to run up-to-date cashflow analytics, and customize scenarios and reports.


    Moody's Analytics has 100% coverage of MBS, SBAP/SBIC, HECM, and MF REMIC, as well as 99.9% coverage of CMOs.


    Turnaround time for most new issuance is on the closing date.


    Moody’s Analytics API can be integrated in most multi-server environments, and supports a wide range of use cases.

    Economic Scenarios

    Moody’s Analytics Portfolio Analyzer prepayment model provides users with an end-to-end solution, which allows users to conduct in-depth analyses and gain valuable insights via API.

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