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Moody's Analytics Structured Content Partners

Moody’s Analytics partners with trusted organizations to provide the marketplace with structured economic, credit and cash flow models and data via flexible contracting options and cutting edge content delivery methods such as local/hosted Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), microservices, iFrames, and Excel® Add-In.

Our Structured Content Solutions also work with a number of other Moody's Analytics products including AXISTM Actuarial System, ImpairmentStudioTM for CECL, RiskConfidenceTM, and RiskFrontierTM.

Read more about our partners below, or fill out a form to become a partner today.

Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc.

Moody’s Analytics Structured Finance APIs are integrated with Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc.’s (AD&Co) LoanDynamics Model for agency and non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities, as well as multifamily collateral. The partnership gives AD&Co-permissioned customers an option to employ the LoanDynamics Model’s prepayment and default vectors as inputs for analyzing their portfolios of structured finance holdings in conjunction with Moody’s Analytics waterfall libraries of over 21,000 cash flow models. The integration provides additional flexibility and operational efficiency for managing risk, assessing investment opportunities, and meeting various regulatory and balance sheet reporting requirements across fixed income portfolios.


Moody's Analytics partners with BlackRock to provide Structured Finance cash flow analytics for US Agency and CMO Pool libraries for Thomson Reuters


Moody's Analytics is powering select data sets and reports on CreditFlux's CLO-i platform

Citi Velocity

The Moody's Analytics Structured Finance Portal is now powering a select offering of best-in-class CLO Analytics and Data, available on Citi Velocity​SM


Moody's Analytics Structured Finance API Library powers Clearwater's proprietary accounting, compliance, performance, risk and reporting platform, providing economic, credit, cash flow and market risk analytics for Clearwater's client portfolios


Empyrean's Asset Liability Management Platform is integrated with Moody's Analytics cash flow models across all asset classes to provide financial institutions with risk analysis and reporting requirements associated with structured finance instruments


Moody's Analytics Structured Finance API Library is integrated with Factset's Fixed Income Portfolio Analyzer Platform providing performance and descriptive data and enabling portfolio risk analysis, reporting and valuation for financial institutions


FINCAD F3, an advanced portfolio and risk analytics solution for derivatives and fixed income, integrates Moody's Analytics cash flow waterfalls and prepayment/credit analytics for RMBS, ABS, and other structured finance instruments. Financial Institutions use FINCAD F3 to accurately price trades, hedge exposure and perform scenario analysis across their entire multi-asset class portfolio, including their derivatives and structured finance positions.


Moody's Analytics Structured Finance API Library is integrated with FIS' Bancware, Capital Management Solution, as well as Prophet, Insurance and Actuarial Modeling Solution, providing Structured Finance cash flow analytics across all major asset classes


Moody's Analytics Structured Finance API Library powers Investortools' proprietary risk analytics platform that provides risk measures and cash flow modeling for structured credit holdings in Investortool's client portfolios

Mies Jansen

Mies Jansen’s Crystal platform leverages Moody’s Analytics Structured Finance API to combine trade and fundamental data and deliver an implied mid-market price for RMBS.


Moody's Analytics Structured Finance API Library is integrated with PolyPath's AppPort, Trading & Risk Management Platform enabling advanced, integrated balance sheet management, risk modeling and regulatory stress testing for client portfolios


Moody's Analytics tools power Tetragon's proprietary CLO investment technology, which provides automated real-time data analysis, portfolio optimization, cash flow modeling, and risk management.

Thomson Reuters

Moody's Analytics provides automated daily pricing and on-demand cash flow scenario analysis for Thomson Reuters pricing service across Global CLO, US non-Agency RMBS, EMEA, Agency and ABS libraries


Wilshire's fixed income analytics and risk management platform incorporates Moody's Analytics Structured Finance API Library to provide cash flow analytics for US RMBS and Agency asset classes

ZM Financial Systems

Moody's Analytics partners with ZM Financial Systems to provide Moody's Analytics cash flow models and credit models on ZMFS desktop and online ALM platforms.