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    LATIN AMERICA | Moody’s Analytics is a long-standing provider of credit risk solutions in Latin America. Established in the region since 2008, we serve capital markets and risk management professionals in more than 50 institutions locally with market-standard credit risk solutions, professional services, and credit research.

    The company offers unique tools and best practices for measuring and managing risk through expertise and experience in credit analysis, economic research, and financial risk management at the national and subnational levels for Latin America. By providing leading-edge software, advisory services, and research, including the proprietary analysis of Moody’s Investors Service, Moody’s Analytics integrates and customizes its offerings to address specific business challenges. Our team of economists and data specialists produces the most up-to-date forecasts and data updates using processes refined through more than 20 years’ experience in national and subnational research, forecasting, and data collection.

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    BCB Maintains CCyB at 0%, Reduces Number of Rules on Rural Credit

    BCB announced that the Financial Stability Committee decided to maintain the countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) for Brazil at 0%, at least until the end of 2021.

    June 02, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    Perspectivas Económicas para América Latina: Recuperación Post Pandemia

    América Latina está en recuperación y se encamina a un repunte económico en el 2021, después de la profunda contracción causada por la pandemia

    May 2021 WebPage Alfredo Coutiño, Jesse Rogers

    Moody's Analytics U.S. Consumer Credit Outlook

    Join Moody's Analytics Scott Hoyt and David Fieldhouse as they discuss the current and anticipated trends in household credit conditions based on data from Equifax.

    May 2021 WebPage Scott Hoyt, David Fieldhouse

    BCB Issues Digital Currency Guidance and Update on Regulatory Sandbox

    BCB announced that it received 52 projects in the first cycle of the regulatory sandbox.

    May 25, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    CMF Proposes to Amend Rules for Savings and Credit Cooperatives

    CMF is consulting on amendments to the general rules applied to the savings and credit cooperatives it supervises.

    May 18, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    Data Buffet Training

    Accessing timely information on changing economic conditions is critical in today's environment.

    May 2021 WebPage

    U.S. Macro & Regional Economic Outlook

    The U.S. economy is booming and near-term prospects have rarely been as strong.

    May 2021 WebPage Mark Zandi, Adam Kamins

    BCB Amends Rules on Open Banking and Proposes ESG Disclosure Rules

    BCB amended the resolution that establishes technical requirements and operational procedures for the implementation of open banking in Brazil, with the amended resolution entering into force on its publication date.

    April 30, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    CMF Publishes Regulatory Files for Supervision of Basel III Standards

    CMF published the "regulatory files" on supervision of the implementation of Basel III standards in Chile.

    April 28, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    BCB Consults on Rules for Management of ESG Risks by Banks

    BCB proposed rules for the management of social, environmental, and climate risks by financial institutions, with the comment period ending on June 05, 2021.

    April 08, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    CMF Identifies Six Banks as Systemically Important

    CMF has designated six banks to be systemically important and these are Banco de Chile, Banco de Crédito e Inversiones, Banco del Estado de Chile, Banco Santander-Chile, Itaú Corpbanca, and Scotiabank Chile.

    March 31, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    BCB Issues Rules on Credit Risk and Reporting Requirements for Banks

    BCB proposed two resolutions related to structured finance and credit derivative operations of financial institutions and finalized two resolutions on calculations under the standardized approach for credit risk and on reporting of certain risk data by banks.

    March 31, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    Custom Markets Methodology Overview

    Explore our Custom Markets model methodology for commercial and multifamily properties within the Moody's Analytics REIS database.

    March 2021 Pdf

    BCB Proposes Sustainability Criteria for Granting Rural Credit

    BCB proposed standards that define the sustainability criteria applicable to the granting of rural credit and the characterization of enterprises with restrictions on access to rural credit due to legal or non-legal provisions related to socio-environmental issues.

    March 12, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    BCB Establishes Committee to Oversee Regulatory Sandbox Operations

    BCB published Resolution No. 77 to establish a Strategic Management Committee for the Regulatory Sandbox.

    March 04, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    CMF Revamps Organizational Structure for Regulation and Supervision

    CMF launched a new organizational structure for the regulation and supervision of entities.

    March 01, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    Global Economic Outlook

    After a soft end to 2020 and a difficult start in 2021, the global economic recovery is projected to gain momentum in the coming year supported by the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

    February 2021 WebPage Mark Zandi, Steven Cochrane

    Avoiding the 50 Page Credit Application

    In this webinar, we provide some practical tips on how to create effective credit write-ups with both improved writing and reasoning.

    February 2021 WebPage Moody's Analytics

    BCB Announces Timeline for Phased Implementation of Open Banking

    BCB announced the timeline for phased implementation of open banking in Brazil. The first phase of implementation of opening banking kicked off on February 01, 2021.

    February 02, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    U.S. Macro & Regional Economic Outlook

    While the new year has gotten off to a difficult start, it should end well.

    January 2021 WebPage Mark Zandi, Cristian deRitis, Adam Kamins

    CMF Consults on Implementation of IFRS 17 in Chile

    CMF published a regulatory proposal on the implementation of IFRS 17 on insurance contracts in Chile.

    January 12, 2021 WebPage Regulatory News

    CMF Consults on Reporting Requirements for Basel III Standards

    CMF is consulting on the new regulatory files related to the implementation of Basel III standards in Chile.

    December 31, 2020 WebPage Regulatory News

    Central Bank of Bahamas to Enhance Reporting Infrastructure

    The Central Bank of Bahamas published a report that analyzes the key financial sector developments and assesses the underlying risks to financial stability in the domestic economy.

    December 23, 2020 WebPage Regulatory News

    BCB to Start First Cycle of Regulatory Sandbox

    BCB announced timeline and specifications for the first project cycle of the regulatory sandbox environment.

    December 16, 2020 WebPage Regulatory News

    BCB Proposes Changes to Credit and Market Risk Rules Under Basel III

    BCB published two consultation papers setting out certain credit risk and market risk requirements under the Basel III framework.

    December 12, 2020 WebPage Regulatory News

    Moody's DataHub: Data Discovery and Delivery in the Cloud

    Join us to learn more about the Moody's DataHub and see the platform in action. Moody's DataHub is Moody's next generation in data discovery and delivery.

    December 2020 WebPage

    El camino hacia la automatización del análisis de crédito comercial

    En Moody's Analytics, nuestro objetivo es mejorar cada paso del ciclo de vida del crédito para que puedan brindarles a sus clientes una mejor experiencia.

    December 2020 WebPage Moody's Analytics

    CMF Publishes Regulations Under Basel Framework in Chile

    CMF has issued new regulations as part of the implementation process of Basel III standards in Chile.

    December 01, 2020 WebPage Regulatory News

    BCB Maintains Countercyclical Capital Buffer for Banks at 0%

    At its meeting in November 2020, the Financial Stability Committee of BCB decided to keep the countercyclical capital buffer for Brazil (CCyB or ACCPBrasil) at 0%.

    November 20, 2020 WebPage Regulatory News

    The Impact of COVID-19 on the Hotel Sector

    The pandemic hit the Hotel sector disproportionately hard relative to other property types, given the pandemic's effect on travel and leisure spending. Moody's Analytics REIS provides insight.

    November 2020 Pdf Barbara Byrne Denham
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