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    Moody's Analytics PartnerAlliance Program Benefits

    The PartnerAlliance program benefits, taking your organization to new heights.

    We offer all partners a robust partner enablement and support program to allow partners to become trained and certified to offer advisory and implementation capability around our solutions.

    Key benefits of partnering with Moody’s include:

    • Partner Training: Moody’s Analytics partners gain access to on-going training and certification via our partner portal as well as in-person sessions, with access to sandbox environments and subject matter experts.
    • Partner Certification : Our robust, on-going partner certification programs provide partners with the deep, practical knowledge of the Moody’s solutions so they can showcase their skills to customers and be successful in growing their business and meeting client needs.  
    • A robust support framework : Moody’s Analytics partners are supported by a dedicated Partner Services team on any issue, including pre-sales and post-sales technical support and deployment. Partners enjoy access to best practices / accelerators / feature videos, advance overview of release and discussion on features, on-demand workshops and Helpdesk support.
    • Joint business development initiatives: Partners can team up with Moody’s to build dedicated market strategies designed to grow our business together.
    • Communities – The Moody’s Analytics partner communities gives our partners more chances to maximize the partnership and unlock new opportunities.