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    Coronavirus (COVID-19): Credit Risk Impact on Commercial Real Estate Loan Portfolios

    Join us for a comprehensive presentation on the state of the U.S. CRE market, and the impact on measures of credit quality.

    In this one-hour webinar, we will provide our outlook for market performance and the downside risks to the commercial real estate and multifamily sector. We’ll also share a summary of our research to illustrate the impact CRE market variables have on credit performance and bring it all together with specific examples and lending considerations.

    • Downside scenario updated for CRE and MF, focusing on fundamentals (rent, vacancy rates, etc.)
    • The impact fundamental CRE variables have had on CRE credit performance
    • Case studies, lending considerations, and the results of CRE portfolio analysis

    Presentation Slides

    Research: COVID-19 and Retail: A Macy's Case Study


    • Victor Calanog, PhD, Head of CRE Economics
    • Jun Chen, PhD, Head of CRE Research
    • Chris Henkel, Business Development and Advisory Services Lead
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