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    Credit Unions and the Future of CRE Lending

    September 2021

    Explore trends in the commercial real estate market and tips on how credit unions can take advantage of CRE opportunities while managing the risks.

    Watch the webinar replay and download the article to examine the latest trends and outlook for commercial real estate lending, and how credit unions can best grow and protect their portfolios.

    Commercial real estate is emerging as an asset class that proved resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Certain sectors like multifamily and industrial have arguably even benefited from economic and demographic change. How can credit unions take advantage of opportunities in CRE, while avoiding risks?

    Robby Holditch and Victor Calanog, Ph.D. of Moody’s Analytics discuss:

    • What is it about location that drives outperformers and underperformers in CRE?
    • Why did COVID-19-related distress manifest in drivers of income (rents/vacancies) but not in drivers of pricing/value?
    • How are lenders repositioning their strategies in the wake of short- and long-term changes driven by COVID?
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