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The CDOnet solution is a comprehensive and flexible software platform for cash flow analytics. With its extensive deal library, industry-leading analytics, powerful API, and dedicated customer support, the CDOnet platform improves your ability to monitor collateralized debt obligation (CDO) holdings, understand your risk concentrations, and value your portfolio.

Leverage a comprehensive platform for CDO cash flow analytics

  • Robust analytics enable you to perform in-depth analyses of your portfolio, including multi-deal scenario analyses, Monte Carlo analyses, and price and yield sensitivities.
  • Integrated credit models, using alternative methodologies from the Moody's Analytics team and publicly available rating methodologies from Moody's Investors Service, assess underlying collateral at the touch of a button.
  • Comprehensive library provides access to deal waterfalls and monthly, updated loan-level performance data that has been normalized and quality checked by our financial engineers.
  • Flexible architecture allows you to view and modify collateral, deal waterfalls, and other assumptions, so you can be confident that the deal is modeled to your specifications under any scenario.
  • Robust application program interface (API) lets you automate tasks, customize report templates, access the CDOnet platform through Microsoft Excel software, and integrate the software and other systems.
  • Dedicated customer support.

Gain industry-leading analytics with unparalleled customization capabilities

  • Identify potentially undervalued or overvalued securities by simultaneously analyzing multiple deals under a range of scenarios.
  • Hedge exposure to a particular industry or issuer by identifying collateral overlaps in their holdings.
  • Develop insight about tranche cash flows with break-even, duration, and first-dollar loss analyses.
  • Automate the monitoring process to address recurring reporting needs.

The CDOnet solution supports asset managers, trustees, and underwriters

  • The CDOnet software enables asset managers to run compliance tests, analyze hypothetical trades, and perform cash flow analyses.
  • Underwriters may use the software to structure deals and assess credit quality.
  • The CDOnet platform enables trustees to calculate bond payments for the next period, verify payment-date waterfalls, check compliance tests, and oversee asset manager trades.

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Moody’s Analytics provides CLO market participants with award-winning, end-to-end solutions, available via multiple delivery methods.

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