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    CLO Solutions

    Moody’s Analytics provides CLO market participants with award-winning, end-to-end solutions, available via multiple delivery methods.

    In a marketplace that is constantly evolving, our CLO Market Solutions provide quick and easy access to financial intelligence and analytical tools. Our solutions include a combination of state-of-the-art comparative analytics, global coverage, and a sophisticated cash flow engine to assist CLO market participants in making informed decisions, while providing an insightful and comprehensive view of the CLO universe.

    Simplify your analysis with our Deal Module

    • Bring in over 100 metrics to gain information for actionable insights through powerful visualization tools.
    • Compare a specific deal against a vintage or a self-defined cohort to provide context for decision making.
    • Access standardized loan names/identifiers generated by advanced algorithms.
    • Leverage live loan pricing from multiple sources to calculate MV OCs and NAVs.
    • Analyze underlying exposures across deals and managers by generating an overlap matrix.
    • Gain a granular level understanding on common assets held by a multitude of deals and managers.

    Monitor and manage compliance requirements and reporting with our CLO Manager Module.

    With the CLO Manager Module you can:

    • Track performance and style of CLO Managers.
    • Access aggregated information such as Annualized Default Rate, Par Build and Industry Exposures in order to determine a manager's style and trading behavior.
    • Easily compare managers side-by-side to identify their strengths, weaknesses, performance, and unique characteristics.

    Critical Issuer Analytics

    • Analyze issuer exposures across the CLO universe.
    • Quickly see deals and managers with the largest exposures to any issuer.
    • Track and easily view all historical transactions of CLO assets alongside the daily pricing of assets.
    • Gain a complete view of live loan pricing, purchases and sales by managers using advanced graphing capabilities layered with transactional data.

    Our CLO Solutions in the Structured Finance Marketplace

    • Moody's Analytics Structured Finance Portal is now powering a select offering of best-in-class CLO analytics and data, available on the Citi VelocityTM platform.  Our in-depth analytical capabilities combined with Citi's rich pricing data allows us to introduce a more efficient and consolidated analytical workflow for CLO trading.

    Moody's CreditView

    Moody's CreditView - CLO & Structured Credit service offers in-depth research from our sister company Moody's Investors Service, as well as performance data and analytical tools for CLO transactions. Our global structured finance service provides access to content on more than 10,700 deals rated by Moody’s Investors Service, as well as 2,500 additional deals rated by other rating agencies. Content covers US, EMEA, Asia, and Australia.

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