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    Client Spotlight: Momentum Metropolitan

    July 2023

    Client Spotlight: Momentum Metropolitan

    Momentum Metropolitan chooses PortfolioStudio™ for confident portfolio steering

    "We chose this cloud-based solution in a bid to achieve higher efficiency and we are expecting shorter processing times as a result. Other considerations included the ability to model credit risk limits within the tool, which enhances confidence and the improved visuals that provide peace of mind by enabling better analysis of outputs."

    Head of Quantitative Analytics and Liquidity Risk Management
    Momentum Metropolitan  
    South African Insurer and Asset Manager

    Client Profile

    Momentum Metropolitan Holdings (MMH) is a South-African based financial services group with a market capitalization of $1.47 billion. The group remains one of the largest insurers and integrated financial services company in South Africa. 


    MMH required a robust risk management solution for credit portfolio management. The specific needs were:

    1) Transitioning to a cloud-based solution to replace on-premises solution
    2) Incorporating credit risk limit modeling capabilities
    3) Providing a friendly interface for business users to enhance analytical capabilities


    As a result, Momentum Metropolitan chose PortfolioStudio™, Moody's Analytics' cloud-based solution that combines portfolio analytics and decision enabling tools to effectively identify, measure, and manage risk. This decision was driven by the need for an agile and scalable platform, enhanced data insights, and seamless credit risk limit modeling within the tool. The intuitive interface and cloud-based infrastructure of PortfolioStudio™ also aligned perfectly with Momentum Metropolitan's objectives.


    Confident credit risk assessment
    The ability to model credit risk limits has enabled a greater control over the limit modeling process. This enhanced functionality has boosted their confidence in managing credit risk effectively.

    Enhanced visualization and reporting
    The improved visualization capabilities have enabled users to conduct more in-depth analyses of risk outputs. This has contributed to an enhanced clarity of risk understanding within the organization.

    Future Goals

    Momentum Metropolitan aims to enhance management insights through improved portfolio steering and optimization. The institution also plans on incorporating industry best practices to enhance economic capital modeling.

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