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    Deniz Tudor

    Dr. Deniz Tudor

    Deniz is a director in the credit analytics group. She develops and stress tests credit models in various consulting projects. She has extensive experience in modeling residential, auto, and credit card loans.

    Tony Hughes

    Dr. Tony Hughes

    Economic research leader and econometrician overseeing credit analysis for global lending institutions; stress testing and loss forecasting for retail, C&I and commercial real estate portfolios.

    Juan Licari

    Dr. Juan Manuel Licari, Chief International Economist

    Juan M. Licari, PhD, is Chief International Economist with Moody's Analytics. As the Head of Economic and Credit Research in EMEA, APAC and Latin America, Juan and his team specialize in generating alternative macroeconomic forecasts and building econometric tools to model credit risk portfolios.

    Anna Krayn

    Anna Krayn

    Anna Krayn manages a Regulatory and Accounting Solutions team that structures solutions for stress testing, capital planning, credit risk management, insurance risk management, and impairment.

    Amnon Levy

    Amnon Levy

    Amnon Levy heads the group responsible for model development and quantitative services related to portfolio, balance sheet, and impairment solutions.

    Emil Lopez

    Emil Lopez

    Emil Lopez heads the risk measurement group, where he leads risk modeling advisory engagements and manages the team's data quality, risk reporting, and IFRS 9 research.

    Nihil Patel

    Nihil Patel

    Nihil Patel heads a global team of product managers and data scientists responsible for B2B SaaS products

    Yukyung Choi

    Yukyung Choi

    Yukyung is a member of the Moody's Analytics research team and has contributed to developing the CreditEdge Alpha Factor and the firstEDF-based ETF launched by Ossiam. Her expertise includes customized projects pertaining to asset managers, and is a co-author of various practical research papers.

    Sohini Chowdhury

    Dr. Sohini Chowdhury

    Sohini Chowdhury is a Director and Senior Economist with Moody's Analytics, specializing in macroeconomic modeling and forecasting, scenario design, and market risk research, with a special focus on stress testing and CECL applications.

    Cristian deRitis

    Cristian deRitis, PhD

    Leading economist; recognized authority and commentator on personal finance and credit, U.S. housing, economic trends and policy implications; innovator in econometric and credit modeling techniques.

    Doug Dwyer

    Douglas Dwyer

    Douglas Dwyer heads Single Obligor Research, a group that produces models that measure credit risk for a variety of purposes.

    David Fieldhouse

    Dr. David Fieldhouse

    David Fieldhouse is a Director of Consumer Credit Analytics at Moody's Analytics, where he oversees the development of retail loan performance models for financial lending institutions.