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    Blake Coules

    Across 35 years in banking, Blake has gained deep insights into the inner working of this sector. Over the last two decades, Blake has been an Operating Committee member, leading teams and executing strategies in Credit and Enterprise Risk as well as Line of Business. His focus over this time has been primarily Commercial/Corporate with particular emphasis on CRE. Blake has spent most of his career with large and mid-size banks. Blake joined Moody’s Analytics in 2021 after leading the transformation of the credit approval and reporting process at a $25 billion bank.
    University of Toronto: Bachelor of Arts in Commerce

    Credit Assessment: Automating the process of financial spreading and credit scoring increases loan application volume and helps lenders make better credit decisions.

    Credit Decisioning: Our commercial lending solutions are flexible and robust enough to support whatever loan structures, pricing, or conditions you require to reduce risk.

    Current Expected Credit Loss Model (CECL): Moody’s Analytics provides tools for the most crucial aspects of the expected loss impairment model, with robust solutions to aggregate data, calculate expected credit losses, and derive and report provisions.

    Portfolio Optimization: Quantify diversification benefits across portfolios and define risk types that inform risk management and active asset allocation decisions.

    Valuation : Moody's Analytics insurance valuation solution support valuing liabilities of complex insurance products that contain options and guarantees.


    Default & Recovery Risk: Risks following a default event where the defaulting entity's contracts cannot be honored.

    Enterprise Risk: Business strategy to identify, assess, and prepare for any dangers to a firm's operations.

    Risk Integration: Bringing together credit and market risk modeling to better understand asset and liability dynamics over time.

    Systemic Risk: Possibility that a company-level event might cause instability or an industry collapse.