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    Structured Finance Solutions for Issuers, Trustees & Lenders

    Moody’s Analytics securitization issuer solutions support the full spectrum of structured finance requirements and enables operational efficiency, reduces risk, improves deal execution and reduces program costs.

    Our structured finance expertise and award-winning platforms provide an unparalleled feature set to address the administrative, operational and analytical objectives of our customer base; while also providing interoperability to disintermediate and modernize the antiquated information exchange and reporting procedures in the structured finance industry.

    Gain operational efficiencies and reduce costs

  • Deliver domain specific data analytics capabilities allow business users to run the complex analyses required in the structured/asset-based funding market without programming, excel, involving IT or learning difficult to use “generalist” business intelligence tools
  • Incorporate collateral management capabilities which transform asset based-information produced by your host systems to asset-backed information required by your investors
  • Reduce time to market by automating the manually intensive, highly iterative, process of trying to select pools and stay in compliance across your different funding vehicles
  • Automate the warehouse monitoring process including critical borrowing base information
  • Reduce the costs associated with managing structured funding programs by both enabling business users to “self-serve” and automating typical manual processes
  • Leverage new open source technologies which significantly reduce the hardware required as compared to typical client-server applications
  • Can utilize the cloud for hosting thereby reducing traditional IT infrastructure cost

    Automate processes to mitigate risk of errors

  • Limit the risk of traditional spreadsheet processes which tend to be “owned” by key individuals
  • Enable business user capabilities in a controlled, auditable platform
  • Help ensure that pertinent information provided to decision makers is easily understood, accurate and less subject to manual entry errors
  • Do not require organizations to replace their existing structured funding systems; but rather pick up where they leave off and provide the business with the ability to leverage existing functionality while improving areas not currently supported
  • Improve deal execution

  • Incorporate powerful funding algorithms limits, covenants, compliance and constraints for all sources of funding and solve for the best mix of funding
  • Allow users to maximize funding providing companies greater leverage and borrowing power
  • Domain specific tools improve business user visibility into collateral and facilitate better funding decisions
  • Automate the preparation of critical information required by ratings agencies, investment banks, investors and other third parties
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