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    ABS Suite Plus is an industry leading solution for end-to-end structured finance administration, accounting, funding optimization and analytics

      Collateral Management & Servicing
      Fully automates all of the collateral management and servicing requirements introduced by structured finance transactions and bridges the gap between the obligor’s perspective of the data and what is required to be reported to investors or other third parties.

      Cash Management
      ABS Suite Plus helps ensure cash movements related to structured finance transactions are properly reconciled and produces wires for each deal party.

      Deal Structuring
      Provides a flexible, easy to use tool for setting up the “waterfall” or capital structure associated with structured finance transactions; this includes the ability to configure many different transaction structures (term, revolving, master trust and more) without programming knowledge.

      Domain-Specific Data Business Intelligence
      Provides ad hoc calculation, reporting and business intelligence capabilities built specifically for structured finance industry participants.

      Static Pool Analysis
      Enables static pool/vintage analysis capabilities to support internal analysis and/or external reporting requirements.

      Investor Reporting
      Fully automates the investor reporting process for securitizations, warehouses, covered bonds, syndications and other types of structured finance transactions.

      Regulatory Reporting
      Automates ESMA, Reg AB II, RBA, Bank of England and other types of regulatory reporting.

      Structured Finance Accounting
      Performs loan, contra, trust, and split balance accounting and generates reports as well as automated feeds to company’s general ledger systems.

      Workflow Tools
      Incorporates configurable workflow tools to allow users to manage all aspects of their structured finance activities.

      Funding Optimization
      Provides true pool optimization capabilities, leveraging deal specific compliance and eligibility criteria, along with funding analytics to support the structured finance funding process for warehouses, term deals and covered bonds.

      Cash Flows
      Provides powerful analytics including the ability to forecast the collateral and bond performance of structured finance transactions; this includes running forecasts on actual and hypothetical deals.

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