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    The RiskIntegrity Investment Insight solution helps insurers build optimal liability-aware investment portfolios, perform strategic asset allocation, portfolio risk measurement, monitoring and governance. It is an easy to use SaaS solution that brings complex asset liability models and data to life in visual form, delivering analytics fast and on-demand.

    Build liability-aware investment strategies for insurance

    • Develop new investment strategies to enhance risk-adjusted return for insurance business.
    • Leverage Moody’s Analytics proprietary data and models: economic scenarios, credit analytics, and forecasts.
    • Integrated multi-period projection of assets and liabilities.
    • Evaluate investment strategies across a range of business metrics: economic, financial, risks.
    • Stress test capital, liquidity and ALM risks against a range of documented macro-economic and climate scenarios.
    • Quantify impact of new asset exposures: real estate, infrastructure, private and emerging market debt.
    • A wide range of analytics, charting and reporting options.
    • Apply filters or constraints to identify strategies which meet specific risk profile.

    Take control of the investment and ALM process; reduce operational risk

    • Ease of use: bring complex data and models to life in web-based visual analytics and reports.
    • Leverage existing modeling: consistent framework for sharing analysis across teams.
    • On-demand: leverage advanced models and cloud compute scale to create sophisticated analytics.
    • Change assumptions in real time to test a range of outcomes and deepen understanding of strategies and process.
    • Take control and ownership for the investment process; reduce reliance on external investment partners.
    • Reduce operational risk and cost associated with maintaining complex data, models and analysis internally.
    • SaaS: low deployment, cost and technology footprint.

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