Moody’s Analytics award-winning solutions help insurers understand complex financial relationships and address a wide range of regulatory, financial, and risk management challenges, including pricing, valuation, reporting, and more.

Meet compliance requirements

Moody’s Analytics solutions help insurers to measure solvency and risk exposures for regulatory compliance, capital measurement and management, and reporting. Modular solutions support enterprise-wide control of risk management and associated business processes.
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Monitor investments

Moody’s Analytics offerings support solution design, asset allocation, and risk management at every stage of the investment cycle. Assess the performance of investments and portfolios using our suite of research, modeling, data, commentary, analytics, tools, and insights


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Model risk

Moody’s Analytics stochastic models, software modules, and related services support a range of risk management activities. Use these offerings to assess economic and regulatory capital, develop capital management strategies, and price complex options and guarantees.


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Support wealth management

Moody’s Analytics helps retail wealth managers and product providers understand and manage market uncertainty. Our state-of-the-art modeling tools and services are used by clients across the insurance and advisory sectors to facilitate better investment and risk management decisions. 


Investment and Pensions Solutions