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    Recognize and respond to distressed commercial loans

    What is Problem Loans?

      To maximize their performance, it is essential that lenders, analysts, and underwriters understand how to prevent problem loans and how to minimize the risk of loss when problem loans do arise.

      Problem Loans answers questions such as:

      • What are the warning signs of deteriorating credit?
      • What loan management strategies do successful lenders use to ensure repayment?
      • How should covenant breaches be handled?
      • What are the risks involved in liquidating assets held as security?

      As they explore strategies for managing problem loans, participants are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge by completing a series of case study exercises. This four-module course also equips learners with practical tools that they can immediately use on the job.

      Translated versions of this course may be available. Contact us via the “Get in touch!” form for more information.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Identify early warning signs of deteriorating credit and respond to them before the client defaults.
    • Apply dynamic loan monitoring techniques.
    • Recognise when it is appropriate to downgrade a client’s credit risk rating.
    • Communicate effectively with clients in financial distress.
    • Manage forbearance requests effectively.
    • Respond to covenant breaches and take appropriate steps to execute claims on guarantees and other security.
    • Assess restructuring proposals in light of a business’s viability.
    • Assess the impact of impaired loans on the organisation’s capital.

    With Moody’s Analytics eLearning:

    • You will remain engaged in training, thanks to our interactive, multimedia lessons and quizzes
    • You elevate your professional currency by completing a course from a globally recognized leader in the credit training space
    • You develop skills you can immediately apply on the job, instantly transforming your performance

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