Introducing the New

Commercial Lending Course

The next generation of Commercial Lending combines the best of the Moody’s Analytics flagship course with Omega Performance’s offering–both recognized as leading solutions in the market. From evaluating and analyzing opportunities to making sound decisions and structuring loans, the new best of breed course is foundational in bolstering a credit professional’s proficiency in the field.

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Learning Objective

Develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to identify and evaluate business lending opportunities, make sound lending decisions and build effective loan structures that strengthen the organization’s portfolio and reduce its exposure to risk.

Competencies Gained

Credit professionals will be able to:

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of borrowers’ historical and projected financial performance, in order to determine the quality, consistency and sustainability of cash flow.
  • Identify and evaluate risks related to a borrower’s industry, business operations, and overall management.
  • Integrate qualitative and quantitative data in order to formulate and test hypotheses about the risk factors most likely to affect a borrower’s repayment capacity.
  • Mitigate identified risks by building effective loan structures.

Intended Audience

Commercial Lending is suitable for anyone involved in the commercial lending process, including credit analysts, underwriters, and relationship managers, and anyone involved in the second line of defense, such as loan reviewers and auditors. It is also appropriate for business analysts who gather and analyze data at the portfolio level.

This 35-hour eLearning program remains on the path to the Moody’s Certificate in Commercial Credit (CICC) certification program.

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