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    Rethinking Regulatory Compliance: Opportunities under Final Basel and PRA's CP 16/22

    November 2023

    With the Final Basel and PRA's CP 16/22 regulation, banks are being presented with a potential turning point in their compliance processes to re-think and potentially transform the framework. Historically, Basel regulation updates implemented in challenging times often prioritized compliance speed over efficiency, inadvertently fostering inefficiencies and a siloed approach.

    The introduction of Final Basel/PRA CP 16/22 presents the possibility to:

    • Re-think and redefine these systems into a robust, flexible, and scalable framework.
    • Utilize the regulation to offer a comprehensive, accurate, and holistic risk perspective.
    • Support business growth effectively without unnecessary constraints.
    • Minimize the overall costs associated with compliance throughout the framework.
    • Join our panel discussion featuring industry practitioners like Simon Hills (UK Finance), Jared Chebib (EY), Pierre Mesnard (Moody's Analytics), and Shailendra Jain (Moody's Analytics), who will dissect the potential of the final Basel (PRA's CP 16/22) as a transformative opportunity not a daunting challenge.

    Read and discover our whitepaper on Basel IV that demonstrates the necessity for banks to design a capital portfolio management framework to meet the new requirements imposed by the finalization of Basel IV.

    Panel Members:

    Simon Hills, Director, Prudential Policy, UK Finance
    Jared Chebib, Partner, Financial Services Consulting, EY
    Pierre Mesnard, Director, Banking, Moody’s Analytics
    Shailendra Jain, MD – Strategy & Marketing, Moody’s Analytics