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    Foreign Direct Investment Data

    This is data on investments made by a firm located in one country directly into a second country, for example by establishing a physical presence there, or by investing in business interests already located in that country. Data shows established foreign business operations, such as a manufacturing plant, or acquired business assets in a foreign company, as long as the acquiring company has at least 10% ownership of the foreign target company. Data is available from January 2013 to present.

    Key Facts

    Coverage: Over 100,000 companies with cross-border investment projects.

    Geography: Global

    Commonly Used Data Fields:
    • Source Market
    • Destination Market
    • Project and Target Industry
    • Propensity to Invest
    • Project and Deal Types, Value and Status

    File Format: AVRO, CSV, ORC, Parquet, SQL, TXT

    Delivery: API, AWS S3, Desktop Download, GCS, SFTP, Web

    Data Update Frequency: Weekly

    Access this data through our platforms: Orbis, Moody's DataHub