December 29, 2017

Bank of Finland published the updated Version 2.3 of its preliminary AnaCredit requirements, along with the updated description of electronic reporting for credit data collection. Bank of Finland also published the updated version of validation checks for credit data collection.

Bank of Finland has started preparing for the establishment of the credit database data collection (known as the LuoTi project). Its website offers information on the preparations and progress of the project, along with the upcoming milestones. In the updated document, revisions on electronic reporting for credit data collection include the following:

  • Changes according to schema version 1.3
  • Section 5.1.1 "Counterparty report file," revisions to table requirements for "Head office undertaking identifier," "Immediate parent undertaking identifier," and "Ultimate parent undertaking identifier"
  • Section 5.3.2 "The schema of feedback files," the part about the feedback on validation checks performed by the Bank of Finland written in more detail

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Keywords: Europe, Finland, Banking, AnaCredit, Reporting Requirements, Validation Checks, Credit Data Collection, Bank of Finland