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    What is Advanced Financial Statement Analysis?

      This three-day course gives participants a detailed understanding of financial statements, in the context of rapidly changing standards, for assessing financial risk.

      Having a detailed understanding of financial statements is critical to assessing financial risk, and the rapid change in financial statement standards makes this a continuing challenge.

      This course brings together the key elements of financial statement analysis. We help participants develop their skills, enabling them to ask the right questions and see the real risks facing businesses and investors. The course uses the IFRS reference reporting framework. Each credit issue will be analyzed from theoretical and practical perspectives, using recent market examples for learners to assess cash flow and credit implications.

      The course concludes with a comprehensive case study designed to bring all the topics together in a real-world example.

    What skills will you gain by taking this course?

    • Interpret financial statements for their effectiveness, relevance, and vulnerabilities.
    • Analyze the impact of certain financial statement choices on key financial ratios.
    • Anticipate and detect deteriorating cash flow quality.
    • Identify some of the more sensitive areas of reporting (in particular, revenue recognition).
    • Identify many of the creative accounting techniques used by companies.

    Who should attend this course?

      Professionals who are responsible for assessing the financial risk of businesses or who need to analyze and understand financial statements in more depth.

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