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    Weekly Market Outlook: Return of Christmas Past Does Not Impend

    More than 20% of the European Union's population is at least 65 years of age. Partly because of an unprecedented aging of the EU's slowly growing population, the average annual rate of economic growth for the EU has slowed from the 2.7% of 2004-2007 to the projected 1.2% of 2019-2020.


    Moody's Analytics Webinar: Environmental, Social & Governance and Credit Risk Ideas for Fixed Income Investors

    Fixed income and equity investors face growing pressure to measure and monitor the ESG risk of their portfolios.

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    Calculation of Tranche Maturity for SEC-ERBA

    This paper specifically explores the External Ratings Based Approach (ERBA) calculation of risk-weighted assets in relation to Basel III.

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    A Global Recession: Key Indicators and Implications

    How should we prepare for the next recession?

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Next Plunge by Profits to Drive Leverage Up to 2009 High

    U.S. business activity has not been exceeding its reach, and that will help extend the long-lived bull market and record-long economic recovery.

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    Climate Risk - the Science, the Economics, and the Time to Act

    Climate risk is increasingly a discussion topic amongst financial market participants and regulators. And yet, there are still many questions about its provenance and impacts, and applications to best practices in the financial sectors. We will address these questions and more in an interactive, informative format.

    Machine Learning and AI

    Machine Learning Interpretability Techniques in Credit Risk Modeling

    We explore constructing and applying Machine Learning Techniques that are both transparent and interpretable. Also discussed are leveraging a model-agnostic perspective and demystifying and socializing chosen ML risk models.

    Internet of Things

    Expanding Roles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Lending and Credit Risk Management ‍

    With ever-expanding and improving AI and Machine Learning available, we explore how a lending officer can make good decisions faster and cheaper through AI. Will AI/ML refine existing processes? Or lead to completely new approaches? Or Both? What is the promise? And what is the risk?

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    Weekly Market Outlook: Corporate Bond Issuance Reflects Business Activity's Heightened Sensitivity to Rates

    For January-October 2019, the corporate bond issuance by U.S. based businesses grew by 12.4% year over year to $871.0 billion for investment-grade obligations and increased by 15.2% annually to $186.5 billion for high-yield offerings.


    Moody's Analytics Webinar: CreditEdge/Public Firm EDF Online Training

    Please join us for a complimentary online training session on Moody's Analytics CreditEdge to obtain a practical understanding of the industry-leading model for estimating public firm probability of default.


    Identifying Areas of Potential Growth - Opportunity Zones

    The Opportunity Zone (OZ) program offers substantial federal tax incentives in exchange for capital investment in under-resourced areas.