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    Moody's Analytics Insights

    Moody's Analytics Insights


    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Big Data to Maximize Your Early Warning Practices

    New approaches to augment your early warning practice, including: how leading institutions utilize data to monitor and benchmark their portfolio risk, the benefits of incorporating Credit Sentiment Scores into your risk management toolkit; when should you start to worry?


    Tech Disruption in CRE & The Evolution of Hyperlocal Analysis

    How is technology disrupting CRE, and how hyperlocal analysis is evolving to augment traditional analysis of risk and opportunities. The session will cover real-world case studies and how clients have been responding to disruptive trends and using hyperlocal data to address challenges.

    Machine Learning and AI

    Machine Learning Interpretability Techniques in Credit Risk Modeling

    We explore constructing and applying Machine Learning Techniques that are both transparent and interpretable. Also discussed are leveraging a model-agnostic perspective and demystifying and socializing chosen ML risk models.

    Financial and business chart and graphs

    Transmission of Economic and Financial Shocks: Getting Prepared for the Next Downturn or Crisis

    We examine past histories of recessions and crises to identify hidden vulnerabilities and weak links in the economy and financial system. ‍


    Mission Possible: Producing Defendable CECL Results With or Without Models

    Learn to differentiate C&I, CRE, retail, and securities. Choose approaches at the right level of flexibility and sophistication. Apply model-free solutions based on historical internal or industry data.

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    Loan Valuation and Credit Portfolio Management Post-IFRS 9, CECL

    RAROC and RORAC solutions that account for allowance and forward-looking IFRS 9 / CECL measures in return and risk.

    Internet of Things

    Expanding Roles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Lending and Credit Risk Management ‍

    With ever-expanding and improving AI and Machine Learning available, we explore how a lending officer can make good decisions faster and cheaper through AI. Will AI/ML refine existing processes? Or lead to completely new approaches? Or Both? What is the promise? And what is the risk?

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    ‍The CRE Equivalent of Zestimate: Combining Machine Learning and Spatial Modeling to Mine Big Data ‍

    With an increasing demand for faster and more objective estimates of fair market rent and pricing for commercial properties, we explore bringing the automated valuation model (AVM) to CRE.

    3D Connection

    The Next Recession

    The U.S. and global economies are struggling under the weight of the U.S.-China trade war and a range of other geopolitical threats. Can the global economy avoid an economic recession?

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    Assessing Financial Statement Quality

    Is a financial statement decision useful? Is it informative enough to make a loan, acquire a company, increase a limit or move a borrower to work out? The quality of financial statements is a concern for all firms, especially as the demand for faster and more accurate due diligence grows.

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    Transforming to a Modern and Cohesive Risk Management Ecosystem

    We discuss the evolution in Risk Management and key drivers, including: The credit risk life cycle and the ideal state of a cohesive risk management architecture; The role of technology, data and automation in risk management; What does it take to make better decisions faster?; Focus on new information or process efficiencies? New and old challenges, embracing of change in digital transformation (cultural shift or movement)

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    Economic Cycles and Property Performance: Risks and Opportunities in the CRE Market ‍

    Some market performance metrics are at historic highs, while other markets have arguably been in a localized recession for several years. Where do different CRE markets stand? Where are the risks and opportunities? ‍