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    Targeted Solutions for Companies
    Targeted Solutions for Companies

    Moody’s Analytics provides high-impact learning solutions that are flexible, scalable, engaging and tailored to the needs of your learners. Our solutions span the full spectrum of banking activities, from retail and small- and medium-enterprise banking to commercial and corporate banking, enabling you to build proficiency across your organization.

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    What is our approach?

      Evaluate Learning Needs

      Achieve the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time by uncovering each individual’s learning needs.

      Design Targeted Solutions

      Build a program that aligns with your objectives, culture, market and competency levels to ensure the training resonates with your employees.

      Implement and Embed Solutions

      Provide an end-to-end solution from concept to completion, including design, program management, technical integration and delivery to ensure our solutions help you accomplish your goals.

      Evaluate Results

      Review progress at every step and adjust the program as needed to deliver a return on investment for your organization.

      Reinforce Skills

      Sustain learning by using a combination of tools and methodologies, such as microlearning and mentoring, on a regular basis.

    How do we deliver our training?

      Depending on your unique needs, our delivery channels include both self-paced eLearning and instructor-led training:

      1. Self-paced eLearning

        provides adaptive learning, application-based design, interactive lessons and multimedia elements. Your employees will sharpen their skills and knowledge for immediate application to their roles.
      2. Instructor-led

        offered both in-person and in virtual settings. Both our virtual and in-person classrooms ensure a high level of engagement between the expert and the individual. Learners participate in polling, break-out groups, whiteboard activities and discussions with fellow participants to build financial-industry acumen.

    Who do we work with?

      • 1 Million+

        Total Learners
      • 11,000+ Companies Trained
      • 280+ Courses Offered
      • 13 Languages
      • 148 Countries
      • 114 Exam Centers
      • 3,000+ Exam Sessions Scheduled Per Year

    What do our clients say?

    About Moody's Analytics

      As the learning provider of choice for more than 1 million professionals from 10,800 companies across 148 countries, Moody’s Analytics is the leading provider of training & certification solutions to the banking and financial industry. Our award-winning credentials are recognized by regulatory bodies and banking institutes worldwide.
    To learn more about our targeted solutions, get in touch with one of our learning experts at: [email protected]