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    Moody’s Analytics’ New Affiliates Ratings Feeds Provide Expanded Regional Coverage

    December 2023

    Moody’s Analytics’ New Affiliates Ratings Feeds Provide Expanded Regional Coverage

    Moody’s Analytics Risk Data Suite (RDS) has expanded its suite of data feeds to include regional ratings coverage from Korea, Latin America, and India, uncovering valuable insights into the risks and dynamics of those local markets.

    The new regional ratings feeds are provided by Korea Investors Service, Moody’s Local, and ICRA Limited, all of which are independent ratings affiliates of Moody’s Investor Service. Each provides region-specific intelligence that can only come through local expertise. Korea Investors Service covers South Korea, Moody’s Local provides coverage for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay, and ICRA Limited covers India.

    “Affiliate ratings are independent and provide local expert understanding of the nuances in these regional markets” stated Surinder Bedi, Senior Director of Data Distribution for Moody’s Analytics. “Although these affiliates use different methodologies to determine their credit ratings, the Moody’s name highlights the integrity, consistency, and reputation that are hallmarks of Moody’s ratings and research globally.”

    With the addition of the new affiliate ratings feeds, RDS further empowers businesses to proactively manage risks, monitor changes on both the global and regional levels, support business strategies, and enhance their resilience in a highly dynamic risk landscape. The service’s user-friendly design and turnkey integration let customers seamlessly incorporate it into their current operations without the need for extensive modifications or additional resources.

    For more information about the Risk Data Suite please visit our website moodysanalytics.com or contact our customer service team [email protected].