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    This scalable online learning solution for RiskAnalyst is designed to give financial institutions the necessary tools and knowledge to get the most from our award-winning spreading software. This four-hour product training course helps organizations train users quickly, easily, and consistently.

    RiskAnalyst users learn how to:

    • Enter historical financial statement data in a standard, consistent way.
    • Generate, view, and print analytically useful output.
    • Populate line items correctly when spreading.
    • Complete trailing twelve-month statements and consolidate customer records.
    • Create custom ratios to track covenants and monitor bank-specific calculations.
    • Prepare financial projections using historical data to forecast likely future financial results.

    How will RiskAnalyst users learn?

    • Users optimize learning time through our engaging, industry-leading online programs with interactive multimedia lessons, which feature videos and quizzes.
    • Users build confidence by practicing complex concepts, applying new skills, and demonstrating mastery of the system’s functions.
    • Program sponsors can monitor participation, assess performance, and track completion to support measuring return on investment.

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