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    Moody's Analytics eLearning

    Moody’s Analytics award-winning eLearning programs can help you and your teams build world-class credit analysis and risk mitigation skills. As industry-leading learning solutions, our courses are designed to appeal to all learning styles with multi-media and interactive lessons, including videos and practice quizzes.

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    Accounting for Credit Professionals

    Accounting for Credit Professionals provides foundational accounting principles for credit practitioners.

    Advancing Customer Connections

    Advancing Customer Connections teaches branch bankers and managers how to strengthen personal banking relationships by exploring customers' overall financial picture and identifying ways that the financial institution can further meet their needs.

    Agribusiness Lending

    Agribusiness Lending provides the skills to understand agricultural businesses and their borrowing needs.

    Analyzing Commercial Real Estate

    Analyzing Commercial Real Estate builds skills in credit risk assessment, loan decisioning, structuring and pricing for commercial property analysts and lenders.

    Building Customer Connections

    Building Customer Connections teaches branch bankers and managers how to have engaging conversations that address customers' immediate needs and uncover additional needs that the financial institution can meet.

    Building Small Business Acumen

    Building Small Business Acumen builds your knowledge of the financial, operational and marketing functions of a business so that you can speak confidently and knowledgeably with small business owners.

    Business Development Skills

    Business Development Skills will help you reenergize your approach to sales and fine-tune your ability to grow your portfolios strategically, efficiently and ethically.

    Collaborative Small Business Conversations

    Collaborative Small Business Conversations teaches bankers how to prepare for and conduct engaging conversations that demonstrate your ability to understand and meet small business borrowing and cash management needs.

    Commercial Lending

    Commercial Lending provides an understanding of businesses, their borrowing needs, how to undertake robust risk assessments, and how to make good credit decisions.

    Consumer Lending

    Consumer Lending enables you to gain recognition and a deep understanding of critical issues and process related to consumer lending.

    Consumer Lending: Australia Edition

    Consumer Lending: Australia Edition teaches how to evaluate retail credit requests, recommend solutions that comply with Australia's regulatory framework.

    Consumer Lending: U.S. Edition

    Consumer Lending: U.S. Edition teaches a systematic approach for evaluating requests for secured, unsecured, and home equity loans.

    Credit Coach

    Online scenario-based diagnosis and remediation solution that assesses and resolves gaps in a credit professional's knowledge, judgment, and decision making.

    Credit Reasoning and Writing

    Credit Reasoning and Writing teaches credit professionals how to prepare clear, complete credit approval documents that succinctly describe the financial institution's credit risk exposure. It introduces reader-focused writing techniques.

    Delivering Small Business Solutions

    The DSBS course explains how to identify small business risk factors and needs when proposing business solutions and preparing loan applications.

    Effective Credit Conversations

    Effective Credit Conversations teaches relationship managers how to position themselves as trusted financial partners to business customers by astutely uncovering their needs, skillfully developing and sharing financial insights, and thoughtfully communicating solutions.

    Financial Accounting for Lenders

    Financial Accounting for Lenders teaches fundamental accrual accounting and cash flow concepts to lenders who are new to the profession or otherwise need to build their accounting knowledge from the ground up

    High-Impact Prospecting and Networking

    High-Impact Prospecting and Networking helps banking and lending professionals improve their prospecting skills, develop their network of centers of influence and strengthen their pipelines.

    Loan Documentation

    Loan Documentation will prepare you to thoroughly and accurately evidence business and consumer loan transactions.

    Managing Client Relationships

    Managing Client Relationships helps lending professionals develop exceptional interpersonal skills to complement strong technical knowledge.

    Minimising Conduct Risk

    Minimising Conduct Risk (MCR) is an essential e-learning course that addresses the root causes of employee misconduct.

    Optimizing Relationships with Small Business Clients

    ORSBC helps you build strong interpersonal skills that build trust, add service value, and create loyal SME relationships that produce referrals.

    Personal Effectiveness Skills Training Course

    Essential skills to build rapport with your clients by becoming an emotionally self-aware and skilled communicator.

    Primary Elements of Business Lending

    Primary Elements of Business Lending provides insights to the world of business lending and an overview of the credit risk assessment activities that support it.

    Private Banker Lending

    Private Banker Lending Learning Solution focuses on identifying borrowing needs, assessing risk, and crafting business lending solutions for high value and professional customers.

    Problem Loans

    Problem Loans gives you the essential analytical and decision-making skills for mitigating risk and reducing exposure to protect the bank from bad loans.

    Profitability and Credit Risk

    Profitability and Credit Risk helps you mitigate risk, understand your institution's overall risk tolerance, and maximize profitability.

    Sales & Negotiation Skills

    Learn the best practices for selling credit products and services and negotiate risk-averse, profitable deals while maintaining client satisfaction.

    Skills Application Labs

    Moody's Analytics Skills Application Labs (SALs) replace lecture-based training that characterizes traditional workshops.

    Small Business Lending

    Small Business Lending addresses topics relevant for the small business lender with effective assessment of financial, market, and management risks.

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