Let us help you transform your credit business today.
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Let us help you transform your credit business today.
The CreditLens solution is a complete credit lifecycle management solution built on the latest cloud-based technology, designed with a flexible modular architecture allowing you to meet your business needs quicker, all backed by industry-leading data and analytics.
Why CreditLens?
Foundation for AI Innovation
The CreditLens solution may be the last credit lifecycle management solution your business ever needs. Moody’s Analytics is continually exploring and investing in the latest technology including machine learning and AI techniques. As we find and perfect new innovative tools and technology, they will be applied in future releases. No down time, no IT involved – these progressive advancements will be built into the solution seamlessly and ready for you to use.
Open Architecture
No more complicated integration set ups or workarounds. The CreditLens solution is built with an open REST API, enabling you to integrate easily with other Moody’s Analytics products or your own in-house systems. Use its sophisticated Data Movement Service to migrate data without losing accuracy or lineage. Better manage your company’s data with the ability to connect instantly to Salesforce or other CRM systems.
Easy Configuration
Why spend more money customizing a product you already paid for? The CreditLens solution offers complete configurability for customer adoption and control. Simply add in the templates, models, and fields you require and remove those items that you do not need. Modular licensing allows you to use the solution functionality in whole or in part. You decide how you want to set up and use the solution with no down time or extra costs required.

Enhance your credit management with:
  • Data consistency, quality, and integrity
  • Simple integration with core and other systems to build your own credit origination solution
  • Comprehensive configuration with wizards simplifying the process
  • Multi-language capabilities so your global workforce uses the same platform everywhere
  • Workflows with service level agreement (SLA) tracking to allow for resource allocation and optimization
  • Audit trails enabling regulatory compliance
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Moody's Analytics knows credit
Moody's Analytics knows credit
As an established leader in the financial industry, you can trust that we have the right solutions and expertise in credit to help you transform your business for the future.
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