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    Our new predictive analytics solution is designed to strengthen the relationship between you and your producers through better collaboration and insights - enabling you to offer a competitive edge to your Ag producers and support their financial success.

    Strengthen your lending business:

    • Improve risk assessment with a clear view of your producer’s financial standing by accessing more frequently updated financial statements and marketing plans
    • Gain a full portfolio view of producers on the solution and the overall profitability projection of the farm
    • Access timely alerts on potential business disruptors so you can better support and communicate with your producer
    • Educate producers through a Business IQ assessment* and show them how they benchmark against their peers
    • Provide added value and a better experience for producers through industry insights, forecasts, and marketing tools within the solution.

    Be the partner your producers need by helping them:

    • Improve their financial acumen
    • Forecast yields, expenses, and sale prices across commodities through predictive analytics
    • Monitor local to global factors likely to impact their financial success
    • Create, compare, and forecast marketing plan scenarios
    • Compare key metrics to their peers

      Accelerate Farm Profits provides the actionable insights and opportunities for collaboration that will set you apart from other Ag lenders. Ensure profitability for your lending business by supporting the success of your Ag producers and their farm operations.

      * Developed by Dr. David M. Kohl, Professor Emeritus Agricultural and Applied Economics Virginia Tech.

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