An AI-powered tool that will reduce your spreading time from hours to minutes and give you confidence across the credit lifecycle. Enhance your entire credit decisioning process and gain more time to focus on high-value activities.


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Receive processed spreads in minutes for use in underwriting. Automatically spread from a variety of sources to standard or custom templates and send data into the CreditLens™ solution for further analysis.

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Our cutting-edge AI has been trained and tested with our unique access to enormous amounts of data so we can provide you with a smoother process and up to 95%* accuracy.

*for standard templates

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An intuitive and responsive UI guides you through the solution while providing recommendations on spreading actions.

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No matter how fast your credit analysts are, our AI is faster. QUIQspread can process large amounts of data in a matter of minutes exponentially increasing your spreading bandwidth and freeing up your workforce for more strategic initiatives.


Moody’s Analytics is proud of the awards and recognition we’ve received from organizations around the world. Spanning all areas of our business — data, research, analytics and software — this recognition highlights our important role in the global capital markets and reflects the contributions of all our employees.

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QUIQspread is part of the Credit Assessment workflow within Moody’s Lending Suite. While a valuable standalone solution, it is most powerful when combined with our full software and data offerings.

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Assessment, Underwriting & Decisioning

Integrated Data & Analytics

The Moody's Difference

Moody’s brings together the best of data, experience and best practice capabilities, with our specialized and agile intelligence, to empower banks like yours to have the confidence to act on plans.



We have more data and better insights than our competitors – from private and public financial statements, to award-winning models, economic scenarios to Climate and ESG data. The power of this data is integrated into all of our solutions giving you a superior understanding of your credit book.



We’ve been a trusted collaborator for financial institutions for over 100 years. Our in-house industry and credit experts help direct our product development and are available to help clients through our advisory services. Your success is our success.


Guidance & Training 

Leveraging our long history in risk expertise, our expansive resources, and an innovative application of technology, we offer a wide range of immersive training programs for retail and commercial bankers. We create confidence in thousands of organizations worldwide with our commitment to excellence, open mindset approach and focus on meeting customer needs.